Modern Water Purification Cleaning

Our Waterfed pole system is an advanced filtration system that allows us to leave your windows with a spot free streak free shine on the exterior of your home. 

Why use this system?

  • Removes all the impurities from the water

  • Supercharges the water to eat at the dirt on your windows.

  • No ladders required under normal circumstances

  • Just as good as a traditional mop and squeegee for cleaning windows

  • Allows us to clean solar panels or skylights with ease

Traditional Window Cleaning


When you think of a window cleaner your mind automatically should go to a squeegee and what we call a mop. Our traditional window cleaning leaves your windows sparkling and bright. 

Just an added benefit, Clean windows leads to improved health and mood.

Other Services

  • Window Sill Scrub

  • Window Track Cleaning

  • Window Blind Cleaning

  • Hard Water Stain Removal

  • Window Screen Scrubbing

  • Window Screen Repair

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